what to talk about on live video
Can’t decide what to talk about on live video?

I’m going to put a stop to your freak-outs for good! If you’ve been struggling to stand out on social, you have to know this! Also, Facebook live video will make the biggest impact when it comes to your reach. In fact, 30-50% of your social reach {or more with great engagement!} comes from live video. If you want to be seen and set your brand apart, you have to stop being stress paralyzed about going live on social media. Live video can generate a lot of great engagement and, therefore, get you that reach you’re looking for. However, if you don’t know what to talk about on live video, you may never realize the full benefit of going live!

Don’t worry, sweet Sparkle, I’m here to help you!!!

Here’s what to talk about on live video {it’s simple}!

1. Showcase Your Business…

Live video is a great time for your audience to get to know you. This is a great opportunity because you can introduce the quality of your products and other noteworthy items. You may show why is a mounted print better than a regular print. Additionally, what’s the value-add in your collections as opposed to lower price options? Illustrate the difference between printing at Millers and some place you found on Groupon by showing samples. Shed a little light on why your favorite place to shoot is, indeed, your favorite.

Go deeper into the roots of your business by introducing your team and pointing out what your staffers are qualified {and awesome!}. Show your audience what goes into the process of a session. As a result, they’ll know your job is harder than clicking a button and uploading the pics to your computer. This is a great opportunity to “sell” yourself without being salesy. Know what I mean?

2. Tutorials…

As a photographer, you have so much inside info on what makes or breaks a photo session. Your clients should feel comfortable coming to you as a resource {without an intimidation factor}. Let them know you are there to help. You can do this by providing helpful tutorials via live video. Some options to consider: hair and make-up tutorials {possibly including local hair and make-up professionals}; in-home photo product placement ideas {you could even co-host with a stager or decorator}; preparing for a session {get permission from the Target manager and go live with outfit and accessory ideas}. The more your followers learn from you, the more they will know, like and trust you – which is an essential part of brand building.

3. Education…

Live video gives you an opportunity to be a teacher any time of day and whenever you feel inspired. You can add tremendous value to your audience and impact to your brand by regularly teaching on live video. Teach your followers things that will make their lives better! Some options you may consider: how to use portrait mode on an iPhone; the process of making a gallery wall or staircase gallery; how to shop for a camera; the difference between prime and zoom lenses; the difference between using a flash and natural light. Once you begin educating your audience, they will start seeing you as the authority on topics that matter. When you think of it, make a list of topics to teach on live video. Then, when you are debating what to talk about on live video, you have an episode topic list ready to go!

4. Questions You’re Asked…

I know you’re asked the same questions repeatedly. When you consider what to talk about on live video, don’t forget the Q&A sessions that everyone loves! Keep a list of FAQs in your phone or written on a little notepad. Additionally, when you’re stumped on what to talk about on live video, this is a great topic. Not only are you answering very important questions, you’re building credibility as a resource and inviting your audience in to engage as well.

Some common questions may be: how do I plan my photo shoot wardrobe?; do you know how to apply false eyelashes?; what’s up with face contouring?; can you help me dress to hide my problem-areas in photos?; where do I get my hair done? should we wear jeans and white shirts?; how do I do a gallery wall in my home?; what’s the process for a session with you? And the list can go on and on. There’s truly no limit to the questions you can answer, so even focusing on a few topics during your live video is a great idea! Take your stance as the trusted professional. Keep a notebook or a note in your phone with all these questions so you can discuss next time you go live. You are an expert and the authority on your brand.

Now you know what to talk about on live video!

If you want to be seen, noticed, respected and followed – it’s up to you! Now that you know what to talk about on live video – toss those sparkles in the air and go do it! You got this!  If you have more amazing ideas on what to talk about on live video, post them in the comments!  Let’s make this post an amazing resource for all to share!

If you’re interested in getting more info on the basics of live video, get my FREE live video cheat sheet. I’m here and ready to help, as always. Also, if you want more info that will keep your business on top of trends and moving forward in the right direction, don’t forget to join our free online community Sparkle Society by grabbing a free download of your choosing! This community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs will help you make educated and informed decisions about your business.

cyrissa sparkle societyPS – If you’re someone who would much rather watch a video and hear me explain these concepts, check out the Facebook Live broadcast I did, just for you!

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