find your light

Dear Superstars,

We did it.

Earlier in this blog series (part 1 and part 2), we crawled through the trenches of our photography businesses. We came face-to-face with the muck that is, our self-confidence. Now? It’s time to make plans. It’s time to rise-up. It’s time to design a strategy to shine. Are you ready? I hope so, because I have a plan to get you well on your way!

Let’s break it down.

  1. Acknowledge your journey 

    That’s right, we all started somewhere. Even Sally Shootsalot was a newbie photog at one time and had to crawl through the trenches to build the following and stellar skill-level that she has now. You may still feel weak in some areas of your photography business, but look back at your business and skill-set five years ago…or even one year ago! I’m sure you’ll quickly see how you’ve improved over the years. Every single time you schedule a session or make a new contact, you have an opportunity to grow your business and skill level. It only gets better from here, you guys!

  2. Work through your weakness

    It’s easy to give up when things are hard, isn’t it? Well, you – my superstar – are not going to do that! Not this time. Make a list of five areas of your business or skill-set that need improvement and make a concentrated effort to improve those things.

  3. Invest in professional development

    Guess what, guys? Most photography businesses have a lifespan of three years. THREE! Those surviving businesses are run by photographers with a jaw-dropping portfolio and loads of business skills to maintain focus and marketability.

  4. Hustle with heart

    Put your heart and soul into everything you do. Remember how we said your clients are on your calendar because they love you? It’s true. Be sure to put your heart and thumbprint into everything you do and the world will have no choice but to love you.  I’ve got a great way to do it during your IPS meeting!

  5. Find your light and stand in it with confidence

    Remember that list of weaknesses? Go ahead and write down that one thing you’re known for – that one thing that you know you do better than anyone else. Don’t be shy. Focus on that thing that you know you’re good at, and make yourself known for it. When you confidently focus on your strengths – your business will improve; your confidence will improve; and, your clients will love you for it!

Finally? Take a deep breath. Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember? Anything worth having is worth the hard work it takes to get there. Come back to this list regularly, or whenever you are feeling frustrated. Regularly reviewing and refining your strategy with a clear plan for moving forward will improve your business and confidence.


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