Your Photography Portfolio | 5 Reasons Why it Matters

your photography portfolio
How’s your photography portfolio, my sparkly photographer?

Wait…you have one, right? If you don’t, I am going to give you five solid reasons that your photography portfolio is an essential element {notice I said essential, not optional} to running a successful photography business and why you should start one {right freaking now}. Ready? Let’s talk about it…


1. Your photography portfolio = practice.

I know what you’re thinking…you have 50 Pinterest boards devoted to the technical aspect of photography; you have posing books and apps galore. You may even have gone to art school or taken photography classes. Maybe you worked at a camera store back in the day, like yours truly {fun fact: I met my husband working at the local camera shop}.

While all of that is great, NONE of it will prepare you for that date and time when you walk into your first paying photography session and #rockitout…. or not, if you’re not prepared. Practice is everything, sweet sparkle. Before you take your first paying client, spend some time practicing your craft and working out all those kinks!  If nothing else, this is reason enough to create your photography portfolio today!  No amount of confidence and preparation can compare to some good old practice!


2. Your photography portfolio is artwork to show potential clients!

In this day and age, everyone and their mamma is a “photographer”… which makes it a little harder for you to stand out in a crowd.  Especially if you’re charging more than $250 a session {and if you’re not charging at least that, you’re probably making LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE…. but that’s another topic for another time}.  Having a strong photography portfolio of your best work enables you to set yourself apart as a professional photographer who is worth the investment.

Your portfolio is the artwork that your potential clients will see, study, and get to know you by. It will prove your value and help you build your brand. You are amazing because YOU are YOU! Nobody else can capture your style, value or worth – nobody! So, let your talents sparkle for all to see by adding your best photographs to your photography portfolio!


3. Your photography portfolio builds trust & encourages client investment.

photography portfolioDid you know that before clients are even in a position to CONSIDER making the decision to invest with you, there are typically seven interactions {social media, emails, website visits, etc} with you or your brand!  You cannot just show up in someone’s social media feed or email box and expect them to hire you.  You must work for it!

Think about your own purchasing habits: when you make an investment, if it’s anymore more expensive than that latest make-up palette you’ve been crushing on, you have to trust that it’s a wise use of time and finances, right?  So, chances are, you’re going to do your research.  Your clients are no different.  You can bet that your potential supermodels will stalk you everywhere from Facebook to Google image searches and they WILL be asking for references from their friends and family.  If your photography portfolio is beautiful, alluring, and well-organized it will speak for itself and help build trust!

And, once they’ve invested in your business, it’s important to keep them impressed and pampered!  I love to surprise my clients with proof prints during their IPS sessions.  It helps to build a relationship and gives them something to enjoy while they’re waiting for the rest of their goodies to arrive!


4. Your photography portfolio builds exposure.

It’s one thing to have your friends and family suit-up for a session that you can add to your photography portfolio but when you go through my beginning business workshop, I will show you exactly HOW to expand your reach and get outside your social circle! By doing this, (and getting a little out of your warm, fuzzy bathrobe zone) you WILL gain valuable exposure that will not only juice-up your portfolio, but will also broaden your network of valuable contacts that will be trusting you with their photography needs for years to come.  Plus, you’ll even get paid while you do it – so you’re not working for free!  You can do it! I will show you how. Ready to build your photography portfolio yet!? Here’s one more reason why you should…


5. Your photography portfolio makes you shine!

Finally, show off that talent! You know you’re awesome, right? You bring something new, beautiful and different to the world. No one else can have your perspective. Want an example?  I am passionate about dance photography and I do it my way…a way that’s landed my photos on the walls of a major fitness brand retailer (can we all take a moment to appreciate the stretchiness that is yoga pants).  But, had I been afraid to share my gifts (and even promote my talents a little), I would have NEVER landed that client!  Stepping out in faith and talking about yourself can feel downright yucky, BUT if you don’t promote for yourself…. chances are, nobody else will either!  Stop hiding in the shadows and find the confidence to stand in your own light!


I know artists are their own worst critic, but in order for your business to survive and thrive you can’t be afraid to show off your creations and what makes you different. Your photography portfolio is an amazing way to do that and the world will love you for it!  So step up to the challenge, sweet sparkle!  I will be cheering you on every single step of the way!  Ready to take the next step with me?!  I’d love to send you my free-mini workshop that’s made just for ladies in their first year of business.  Grab my FREE downloadable guide to starting your photography business!  I’ll show you how to get legal, establish yourself on social media, price yourself for profit and much more!  You owe it to yourself {and your family} to make this happen!  I’m ready to link arms with you… will you join me?!

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